26 10/22

PROGRAM - CEDEC Congress 26/10 – 2030 - AN ENERGY ODYSSEY


26 October - 13:30 - 17:30  



12.30 – 13.30 Walking Lunch

13.30 – 14.30 Session 1

Turning science fiction into local reality

What are the options for shock-proof European energy policies to address the security of supply crisis, the affordability crisis, the economic crisis ? European Parliament, Member States and Commission are now joining forces to bring forward urgent answers through Fit for 55, the Gas Package and REPowerEU, with ambitious 2030 and 2050 targets in mind. Local and regional energy companies are part of the solution: close to their customers, they ensure the integration of energy systems at local level and facilitate investments in RES, based on reliable electricity, gas and heating infrastructures. How will the current energy crisis impact company strategies and the EU energy framework?

Moderator: Sonja van Renssen

  • Florian Bieberbach, CEO Stadtwerke München, CEDEC Chairman
  • Edwin Edelenbos, Netbeheer Nederland, Strategy Manager
  • Leonardo Meeus, Florence School of Regulation, Director
  • Gert De Block, CEDEC, Secretary General


14.30 – 15.45 Session 2

Will efficiency and “electricity first” deliver
Timely and for all ?

What is needed in Fit for 55 and REPowerEU to accommodate massive electrification in terms of investment costs? Do they leave sufficient room for available technological alternatives? While fast-tracking energy efficiency, the focus should be on local, diversified and flexible solutions, and on the adaptation of the electricity and heating grids. While the current crisis, climate change and fossil fuels phase-out inflame the debates, there is a pressing need to discuss feasibility and effectiveness of the political options on the table. Is Fit for 55 fit to deliver timely and affordable for all?

  • GEG (Gaz Electricité Grenoble, FR) – Christine Gochard, Directrice Générale
  • Ascopiave (IT) – Federica Stevanin, Director Legal & Corporate Affairs
  • Energy Cities – Alix Bolle, EU Policy and strategic partnerships
  • European Commission DG Energy – Carlos Sanchez Rivero, Team Leader Financing Energy Efficiency
  • ORES (BE) – Olivier Devolder, Director Customers

15.45 – 16.15 Break - Meet & greet

16.15 – 17.30 Session 3

A working Good is better than a wishful Best.
Molecules needed in industry, heating and transport ?

The 2030 and 2050 targets require decarbonization of industry, heating and transport. Besides electrification, renewable gases and hydrogen are part of the solution to cover the diversified energy needs of energy customers - industries, citizens and local authorities. How can the Gas Package proposals enable this objective ? How will distribution grids be adapted to accommodate this industrial and heat transition ? How do local energy companies prepare to ensure the best possible balance between sustainability, security of supply and affordability, building on local energy resources and local infrastructures ?

  • CEER – Marco La Cognata (ARERA, IT), Co-Chair of the Gas Decarbonisation Group
  • Cogen Europe – Hans Vandersyppe, Member of the Executive Committee
  • DEW21 (Dortmund, DE) – Peter Flosbach, CTO
  • Wiener Netze (Vienna, AT) – Thomas Maderbacher, CEO
  • European Commission DG Energy – Augustijn Van Haasteren, Team Leader Decarbonisation 



17.30 Conclusions Gert De Block, Secretary General


19.00 Walking Dinner at Unesco World Heritage Art Nouveau building Hôtel van Eetvelde




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