25 05/16

CEDEC Webinar on Electric Vehicles : 25 May 2016 at 12:30 - Presentations and webinar


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Electric mobility is an important step towards the decarbonisation of the energy sector. Local authorities have been playing a crucial role in this transition and there is a lot to learn from their successful experiences.

The online event will  provide an outlook into the challenges and opportunities offered by electric mobility to local authorities. How to promote it, how to implement the necessary changes into the grids, and what are the lessons learned from cities which have been promoting electric mobility already since several years.


- Daniel Petrovic, Project Engineer at Elnat, will present the Green Highway project: a fossil fuel free transport corridor, partnership between the three municipalities of Sundsvall, Östersund and Trondheim in Sweden.
He will focus on the investments that have been done, to demonstrate that in green technology they boost the economy and contribute to sustainable growth and reduced environmental impact.

- Onoph Caron, director at E-laad foundation, will show us how the public-owned DSOs (Distribution System Operator) in the Netherlands have been pro-actively mitigating the chicken and egg problem on the number of electric vehicles and charging stations, by deploying a public charging infrastructure , contributing to a larger market penetration.

Vlasta Krmelj, Managing director of ENERGAP, the E-mobility strategies developed in Maribor, Slovenia

- Alessandra Barbieri, Director of European projects service and Vincenzo Tartaglia director of Mobility, Florence, Italy

- Lutske Lindeman, Program Manager in the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands


12.30-12.35 Introduction to the Covenant of Mayors and CEDEC By Melanie Leroy and Ludovica Sara Fondi
12.35-12.50 The Green Highway project in Sweden By Daniel Petrovic, Elnat
12.50-13.05 The Dutch EV public charging infrastructure  By Onoph Caron, E-laad
13.05-13.20 Covenant of Mayors signatories lessons and examples
13.20-13.30 Q&A

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The webinar will be held in English and participation is limited to 100 participants.


Covenant of Mayors Office and CEDEC, the European Federation of Local Energy Companies

Moderator: Melanie Leroy, Covenant of Mayors Office

Websites: www.eumayors.eu and www.cedec.com

Contact details: ludovicasara.fondi@cedec.com