CEDEC Congress 2014 - “The Future is Now”

Brussels, 19 November 2014. At the occasion of the CEDEC Congress 2014 “The Future Is Now”, taking place in Brussels today, Silvia Bartolini, Member of the Cabinet of the Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action outlined the priorities in energy policy of the new Commission and was complemented by Dzintars Kaulins, speaking on behalf of the upcoming Latvian EU Council Presidency, saying that the internal energy market, energy security, affordable energy prices for consumers and the new European climate and energy framework are the most pressing tasks in the years ahead for European policy-makers.

Rudi Oss, CEDEC President, in his introductory remarks summarised the main development in the energy sector that influence the operations of local energy companies. With regard to Europe’s energy and climate agenda, he said that the findings of the recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change can only lead to two conclusions: “Urgency and Ambition are needed. We have no time to lose to step up our efforts. We believe that local energy companies can contribute a lot to Europe’s energy security as well as sustainability: with initiatives on local generation, the operation of reliable and smart energy networks that facilitate the market, and the development of energy services. At the advantage of European citizens, with whom we work daily.”

Jeremy Leggett, author of “Energy of Nations” and entrepreneur in the solar business went on to explain the two megatrends he sees in global energy landscape: the decreasing costs of renewable energy technologies such as solar and the increasing costs related to the exploration of fossil fuels. In his video message, he praised local energy companies as crucial partners in the transition towards a sustainable energy landscape that is driven bottom-up, by the citizens.

The conference, attended by more than 150 participants representing European institutions, regulators, the energy industry and related sectors, is the largest annual CEDEC event and creates the opportunity to discuss issues relevant for local energy companies with European policy-makers. On the agenda for this year’s edition were sessions on local initiatives that allow customers to contribute to the energy transition while boosting economic development and environmental awareness on local level, the future role of distribution network operators in the changing energy landscape as well as the development of energy retail markets.

For more information on the congress, please find below the speakers' presentations.