CEDEC Press release: Connecting local energies - Optimize the synergies

Brussels, 18 October 2016. Today, more than 150 high level participants from the European Institutions, international organizations, regional and  local energy companies and other interested stakeholders attended the annual CEDEC Congress and discussed the need and rising opportunities coming from the creation of synergies at local level, by connecting local energies.

In his welcome speech, Rudi Oss, CEDEC President, pointed out the great potential of acting at local level to achieve a more efficient energy system. “The local energy companies that are the members of CEDEC are historically and deeply rooted in local communities, close to citizens and energy customers. They fit perfectly together with the energy transition towards a decentralized and integrated energy system.”

Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission Vice‐President for the Energy Union, welcomed CEDEC members as those at the heart of the industrial revolution we are going through. He recalled how “Consumers used to be at the very end of the electricity lifeline, passively receiving whichever energy is transmitted to them, often with little choice over its origin, technology, or price.” “With the new electricity market design – VP Šefčovič said - we will give them back their 'power'". 

Ahead of the revision of the energy efficiency and market design directives, the CEDEC Congress provided a unique opportunity to discuss the strategic issues ahead and to demonstrate the importance of local companies in the future energy system. Innovative insights by CEDEC company members and other stakeholders were presented, proving that they are strongly aware of the local circumstances and already investing in a more efficient and sustainable energy system.  

The stakeholders were enabled to engage in high level discussions on the need for demand-response and energy storage to achieve a reliable and affordable energy supply. The central place of the customers was touched upon with key exchanges on how to create additional value for the customers, and how to make an optimal use of data while respecting the consent and the privacy of energy customers.