CEDEC Press Release:Rudi Oss, President of Dolomiti Energia, re-elected CEDEC President

Stockholm, 2 June 2016. CEDEC, the European Federation of Local and Regional Energy Companies, confirmed Rudi Oss, President of Dolomiti Energia (Trento, Italy), as CEDEC President for the next two years. At the General Assembly in Stockholm Rudi Oss was elected unanimously by the delegates. Mr Oss will be supported by four Vice-Presidents: Luc Hujoel, CEO of Sibelga (Belgium); André Jurjus, General Director of Netbeheer Nederland (the Netherlands);  Akhobi Sitou, General Director of Seolis (France); and Andreas Feicht, CEO of WSW Wuppertal (Germany).  

Rudi Oss will continue his decisive contribution to the Federation, providing CEDEC with his several years of managerial experience in leading a local energy company in the North of Italy. Besides energy production, supply and distribution of electricity, gas and heat, Dolomiti Energia offers waste, water and telecommunication services.   

“I am proud to extend my mandate within CEDEC and contribute to its efforts to support the role of the local energy companies in Europe” said the elected President in his acceptance speech. In the last years he has participated in CEDEC’s growth in terms of members, visibility and activities.  “I am  eager to represent a European association that with professionalism and dynamism gained a strong influence and a pivotal role in the EU institutions and the EU associations environment in Brussels”.

With regard to the resolution for his presidency, Mr Oss is convinced that local and regional energy companies must speak with one dedicated voice. “Our work is deeply rooted in local communities and in line with the public interest. We fit perfectly in the energy transition towards a decentralized energy system – close to citizens and customers – as it is promoted by the European Commission : our integrated vision and activities make the most efficient use of existing local infrastructures - like for electricity, district heating, gas and local transport – creating profitable synergies across various sectors”, concluded Rudi Oss in Stockholm.