CEDEC suggests adding an additional pillar to the concept of the Energy Union

Brussels, 19 January 2015. CEDEC, the European Federation of Local Energy Companies, urges the European Commission to add an additional pillar to the five existing ones in order to include citizens and local actors in the concept of the Energy Union.

The Energy Union being a flagship initiative of the new European Commission, Vice–President Maroš Šefčovič has outlined a concept based on five pillars: solidarity and security of supply, completion of the internal energy market, moderation of energy demand, decarbonisation, and research and development of new technologies.

CEDEC agrees with the main concept and considers it an important vehicle to achieve an energy model based on reliability, sustainability and affordability. However, as Gert de Block, Secretary General of CEDEC, argues “CEDEC believes that a true European Energy Union can only be built with the active contribution of citizens and local actors. The European climate and energy policy have been designed to ultimately benefit European citizens and they should therefore be at the centre of every action.”

In light of this, CEDEC has published a position paper in which it develops the idea of an Energy Union that has at its centre reliable access to sustainable energy for all citizens at affordable prices, especially at a time when citizens and local actors are  getting more actively involved in the energy sector. CEDEC therefore suggests to include , under the additional pillar  “Citizens and Local actors”, a comprehensive project aiming at bridging the gap between the European Union and its local roots.

To find out more about the additional pillar, please consult the position paper here.