Rethinking energy security in the EU: the energy future is local

Brussels, 30 June 2015. Today, MEP Martina Werner (S&D) and CEDEC, the European Federation of Local Energy Companies, held a lunchtime debate at the European Parliament to discuss how the energy sector is changing over time and how local innovative initiatives, building on local and regional resources and infrastructures, contribute to the realization of EU policy goals.

Representatives of the European Union and local energy companies participated in the debate on the Energy Union Strategy and discussed local actions in the field of smart energy grids, energy efficiency and local generation.

MEP Martina Werner (S&D), member of the ITRE Committee, said: “I am convinced that the transition to a sustainable and decentralised energy system on a European level with energy efficiency and renewable energy at its heart starts on a local level, in each village, municipality, city and in each region and it can only succeed in this way. The change of the energy system from a fossil-fuel driven to a sustainable system starts locally.”

During the event, CEDEC also presented its report on European energy security entitled “The contribution of local energy companies: local, reliable and sustainable”. The report compiles a number of examples illustrating how local energy companies are already working on innovative solutions that will contribute to a fundamental change in Europe’s energy system.

Gert de Block, CEDEC Secretary General stated: “To build an Energy Union, energy-independent and sustainable, local initiatives – like the ones illustrated in this report – should be actively supported and facilitated. We are convinced that the energy future is local and, for that reason, the right economic incentives and accompanying regulatory frameworks are needed to make the most of these smart and efficient local solutions.”

CEDEC Report on European energy security is available HERE