The local dimension of European Energy Security needs more recognition

Brussels, 8 June 2015. Today, the Energy Ministers of European Member States gathered in Luxembourg to adopt conclusions on the European Energy Union and discuss the implementation of the European Energy Security.  

The Conclusions of the meeting focus around two central topics, the empowerment of consumers and the attraction of necessary investments in the energy sector.

Gert de Block, CEDEC Secretary General: “The focus on consumers is great and long over-due. The Energy Union is a project for European citizens, who are also energy consumers, and to deliver to that objective, more attention is needed on how consumers engage in the energy market and can be encouraged to do so. We see local energy companies developing and new ones being created, citizens becoming active in citizens projects or cooperatives – this transition to a participatory and sustainable energy system is a reality and needs to be recognised and supported by European initiatives.“

Energy Ministers also debated about the implementation of the European Energy Security Strategy, which the European Commission had  presented last year. 

“In the debate on Energy Security, we wish Ministers would not only focus on how we can import fuels from outside the Union, and would recognise more how much is being done within. On the local level, we see many very innovative projects in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart energy distribution. Local energy companies are active in providing solutions for consumers to consume less and more sustainable energy. They invest in smart infrastructure and data management systems to ensure a smart, reliable and sustainable energy supply and consumption while creating local value” Gert De Block added.    

To illustrate how local energy companies contribute to European Energy Security, CEDEC is going to  release a report later this month.