25 11/21

Gas Quality and Hydrogen handling Prime movers'group

Event concept


In the broader context of the Green Deal and on the pathway to achieve the 2050 decarbonisation targets, a whole system analysis of the energy system is necessary in order to assess the most efficient way forward, especially in the gas sector. In particular, decarbonisation of the grid in a cost-effective manner will require a whole system approach where the gas value chain works cooperatively together and builds on existing tools whilst assessing potential shortcomings. In this regard, coordination and information exchange between all stakeholders is key to managing the system efficiently.

In September 2020 ENTSOG together with gas DSO organisations (CEDEC, EUROGAS, GD4S, GEODE), established a dedicated prime movers’ group on gas quality and hydrogen aspects. Relevant stakeholders of the gas value chain were invited to participate. The group has been meeting monthly for 14 months to discuss the main principles to handle gas quality related to renewable, decarbonised and low-carbon gases, that can optimise the diversification of supplies, decarbonisation of the grid and guarantee end-user safety and access to the product they require. More than 40 EU organisations from the whole gas value chain have participated in the discussions. Results from the discussions are publicly available here.

Goal and scope

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to invite you to a public workshop. The goal of this workshop is to share and discuss the results from this prime movers’ group with all stakeholders and to provide examples of the latest practices, tools and R&D developments on gas quality and hydrogen handling.

Program structure

The workshop will be divided into 3 sessions:

  • Gas system operators: Which tools do system operators have to facilitate the integration of renewable and low-carbon gases? Which technical challenges may arise?
  • Hydrogen users and producers: Which technical possibilities do end-users have to handle gas quality variations? How will hydrogen change the operation of current industrial and domestic appliances/applications? Which are the latest developments on H2 production methods?
  • Latest developments on R&D, standardisation and H2 integration

All sessions will be followed by a moderated Q&A where all attendees will have the opportunity to pose questions to the presenters.


Registrations can be done through the Registration Area. An access link will then be sent to those who have registered.

Please note that due to capacity limitations attendees will join virtually and physical attendance will be by invitation only.

 We look forward to welcoming you online !