CEDEC Press release: CEDEC Congress 2017 "“Clean energy for all ? Diversity leading to security”

CEDEC Congress 2017

Clean energy for all ?

Diversity leading to security”


Brussels, 10 October 2017. Once again this year, the CEDEC Congress attracted a large audience of high level participants from the European Commission, Parliament and Council, from international organizations and local energy companies, as well as other stakeholders in energy and climate policy. The focus was evidently on the on-going biggest EU reform of the energy sector in 20 years, based on the Commission proposal published last November under the name of “Clean Energy Package”.

In his welcome speech, Rudi Oss, CEDEC President, pointed out the crucial role of local and regional energy companies, which have the privilege and the moral obligation - towards their customers, their Member States and the European Union - to contribute to the societal and economic debate.            “Local energy companies, due to their integrated activities in the energy sector, are deeply involved in this huge reform, because their shareholders and their customers will all be affected by the different parts of the Package.” emphasized Rudi Oss in his opening address.

Gert De Block, CEDEC Secretary General, reiterated the value of the Commission’s work through the proposed Package, and added: “We now count on the European Parliament and the Council Presidency to rebalance the Commission proposals, in order to realize the required proportionality and subsidiarity, and to optimize the development of a decentralized energy system, in the citizen’s interests.”

Given the intensive debate on the different legislative proposals – currently under revision in the European Parliament and the European Council – the CEDEC Congress provided a unique opportunity to analyse and discuss about the numerous issues of the reform, and to clarify the significant role of local companies in the inevitable decentralisation of the energy system.

The diversity of the topics discussed in the different sessions allowed to unveil or elaborate further the opinions of EU Institutions’ representatives, CEDEC company members and different takeholders on the political messages of the Package, the role of citizens and local actors, sustainability and sectoral integration, as well as digitalisation. CEDEC local companies clarified how one EU solution does not fit with the diversified local realities of market structures, and demonstrated the integrated solutions they can offer at local level to address the specific issues the Package is aiming to solve.


CEDEC Background information

CEDEC represents the interests of more than 1500 local and regional energy companies, serving 85 million electricity and gas customers & connections in ten European countries.

These predominantly small and medium-sized local and regional energy companies are active in every part of the value chain, and have developed activities as local electricity and heat generators, electricity and natural gas distribution system operators (including metering & data management), and energy (services) suppliers.

The wide range of services provided by local utility companies is reliable, sustainable and close to the customer. Through their investments and the creation of local jobs, they make a significant contribution to local and regional economic development.