CEDEC Press release : “Sustainable potential of gas for the energy system”

Brussels, 8 February 2017

Today, CEDEC – the association representing local energy companies in Europe – presented its new report on the “Sustainable potential of gas for the energy system”. This report focuses on the unused potential of sustainable gas and the important role of existing gas grids to achieve the EU climate and energy objectives.

During a workshop organised by the European Biogas Association (EBA) on the contribution of biogas towards European renewable energy policy beyond 2020, Gert De Block, Secretary General of CEDEC focused on the contribution of sustainable gas and gas grids in our future energy system.    Mr. De Block stated: “Gas is currently underexposed in the debate on the future energy system. Its absence is particularly regrettable since different forms of gas provide unique characteristics and benefits. Also, huge investments have already been made in infrastructures for natural gas: these grids can also be used by sustainable gases. Existing infrastructure should be optimally exploited to keep the costs of transition under control.”

The CEDEC report illustrates several gas applications in different EU Member States using innovative gas technologies. Leo Brummelkamp from Alliander (NL) presented the Bionet project. The objective of the pilot project is to show that gases with different compositions can be distributed in public gas grids. Mr. Brummelkamp explained : “Bionet is a grid that distributes a mix of biogas and natural gas. The bionet concept thus stimulates the energy transition to a low carbon energy system as it reduces the cost of using biomethane as a source for heating. What is key in this concept is that the investments for biogas installations are reduced compared to the costs for upgrading the biogas to natural gas standards”.

To read the full report, click here.

CEDEC Background information

CEDEC represents the interests of more than 1500 local and regional energy companies, serving 85 million electricity and gas customers and connections. These predominantly small and medium‐sized local and regional energy companies have developed activities as electricity and heat generators, electricity and gas distribution system and metering operators, and energy (services) suppliers. The wide range of services provided by local utility companies is reliable, sustainable and close to the customer. Through their investments, they make a significant contribution to local and regional economic development.

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