Working Groups

CEDEC members are represented through their national experts in the working groups on different issues. The working groups usually meet in Brussels on a regular as well as ad-hoc basis.


The working group will produce position papers on how to improve the functioning of the energy retail markets for all types of consumers and especially for the most vulnerable ones.

Energy and Climate

The working group on energy and climate deals with all topics regarding the broader energy and climate policy of the European Unions, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, the European Emission Trading Scheme, etc.

Heating and Cooling

The CEDEC Working Group “Heating and Cooling” is established to follow up EU legislation on this crucial sector. After a non-legally-binding communication on Heating and Cooling strategy, the Commission proposed some concrete measures that need to be monitored and discussed, such as the mainstreaming of renewables in the sector.


The Working Group, focuses specifically on strategic European gas topics relevant for local and regional gas companies and the gas DSOs, including the developments of the European Network Codes for Gas.

Grid Tariffs

This working group’s objective is to discuss and compare the different grid tariff models and related regulatory systems and across EU Member States.

Network Codes

The working groups follow up the development and the implications for distribution system operators (DSOs) of the network codes for gas and electricity.

Smart Grids

The working group focuses on essential issues in a smart grid environment, such as data management and data communication, as well as smart metering systems, new roles and responsibilities.


This working group deals with legislative proposals affecting energy trading such as MIFID, REMIT as well as general issues in wholesale markets.

PSI Directive

The working group has been set up to discuss policy and legal aspects of the proposal - published by the European Commission in April 2018 - to review the current PSI Directive. The proposed text aims at extending the scope of the application of the Directive to public undertakings and risks to create an unfair playing field between public and private companies.


The working group produces specific policy recommendations for the European level accompanying digitalisation-related legislative proposals to be included in the CEDEC overall positions on the European energy transition. The working group also analyses the interlinkages with already existing legislative measures on related topics (i.a. GDPR, NIS Directive, PSI Directive, ePrivacy, Cybersecurity Act, etc.)

Task Force Local Broadband

This task force will focus on contributing to drafting monitoring EU legislation in the area of fiber, broadband and digitalisation as well as advocacy with the European Commission, BEREC and other relevant EU organisations.

The task force will foster good relations with the European Commission, BEREC and other relevant EU organisations. A key responsibility of this group will also be to advocate established CEDEC positions on broadband, fiber and digitalisation issues towards these stakeholders, these may originate from other working groups under the guidance of the Board of Directors.